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Vencore Labs delivers transformative results for Research, Engineering, and Technology Products. We are more than a research lab serving many markets including Telecommunications, Energy,  Financial, Life Sciences, Government and Defense.


100G Network Case Study

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100G Network

Spectrum shortage threatens wireless functionality

As demand and consumption of wireless technologies increases exponentially, a spectrum shortage threatens to limit functionality across numerous sectors. Owners and operators must be able to plan and manage large-scale wireless networks, optimize operating parameters of those networks to deliver high-quality wireless services, and derive maximum capacity and spectral efficiency.

Innovative technologies for optimization

Vencore Labs’ wireless scientists are applying their network performance and optimization know-how to develop advanced options for planning and managing large-scale wireless networks, optimizing operating parameters, and deriving maximum capacity and spectral efficiency.

We are also leveraging our network planning, database technology, and software engineering skills to facilitate a new generation of spectrum planning and management systems.

Looking ahead, our researchers are developing innovative distributed and line-of-sight multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) techniques, with applications to airborne tactical links in millimeter-wave spectrum, high-bandwidth squad-to-squad communications and high-capacity backhaul solutions for commercial networks.

Maximized use of network resources

The driving force behind our wireless research is efficiency—maximizing use of physical and link layer network resources, particularly electromagnetic spectrum. This efficiency enables operators to reduce operational expenses, improve wireless broadband service delivery, and enjoy more flexibility in how the operators deploy backhaul solutions.

100G Network Features:

High data rate wireless communications 

  • Management of large scale wireless networks

  •  Innovative distributed and line-of-sight MIMO techniques 
  • High-bandwidth squad-to-squad communications

  • High capacity backhaul solutions for commercial networks