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Vencore Labs delivers transformative results for Research, Engineering, and Technology Products. We are more than a research lab serving many markets including Telecommunications, Energy,  Financial, Life Sciences, Government and Defense.

Data and Information Analysis

Data and Information Analysis

From financial disclosures to social media posts and cyber activity logs, from insurance claims to wireless network emissions and engineers’ reports on rivers and waterways, Vencore Labs supports diverse customers with data and information analyses. Our experts harness and model large, complex sets of data, efficiently extract key insights, validate data quality, and produce useful results and visualizations.

Whether data is structured or not – text, video, network traces or geographic information systems (GIS) –  in Oracle, SQL, Hadoop, or Access – Vencore Labs analysts develop useful information models, speed up data migration, automate analyses and provide rapid data quality assessments.

Our data and information analysis offerings include:

  • Advanced machine learning for malicious cyber activity detection
  • Text analytics, natural language processing, and data anonymization
  • ETL processes, clean-up scripts and reconciliation for lifecycle financial data management
  • Automated analytics through our flexible Arroyo Data Workbench
  • Validation and verification of GIS and web-scraped data
  • Novel, fast techniques for multi-scale analysis of high- dimensional data
  • Social media data and attribute modeling and trend analysis