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Vencore Labs delivers transformative results for Research, Engineering, and Technology Products. We are more than a research lab serving many markets including Telecommunications, Energy,  Financial, Life Sciences, Government and Defense.

Display Technologies

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Transformative Applied Research 

Vencore Labs is creating products and services that empower our customers to improve their visual system performance. Recent products include:


WDT 2×2 High Resolution Display

The WDT 2×2 series of display solutions represent a modular and maintainable approach to delivering high resolution, portable, seamless multi-projector displays ideal for mobile command and control centers and other non-fixed installations.


DCP Seamless Display Processor

The DCP is an all-in-one processor that performs geometric correction, edge blending, and color and intensity uniformity correction for a multi-projector display, resulting in a high resolution, seamless front or rear-projected display.

The DCP maps multiple video inputs to an internal source image plane. This source image plane is then mapped to a high resolution display composed of multiple, loosely aligned projectors. Based on the multi-projector installation, each projector output is programmed to a specific area-of-interest within the source image plane, allowing edges to be blended smoothly and seamlessly. The source video may originate in a PC with multiple video cards, or the video may come from disparate sources.


EZwindow Video Combiner

The EZwindow™ video combiner converts analog or digital video from multiple inputs into a common, synchronized output format, and then combines the video or blends video in one of a variety of user defined methods. Special attention has been given to minimize latency, while achieving broad area-of-interest control on inputs and outputs. In addition, EZwindow supports video overlays for specialty simulation applications.


The FPM-505R is a revolutionary answer to characterizing the display performance of reflective, transflective, emissive, and transmissive displays.

Whether testing sunlight readability of a cell phone or tablet display, ambient contrast ratio of a laptop display, or optical properties of e-paper or OLED displays, the FPM-505R is a comprehensive solution for accurate electro-optical measurements.


The T-Drive Model III is the next generation video generator for high bandwidth display devices. Supporting DisplayPort and other emerging video interfaces, T-Drive provides both built-in and downloadable test images for manual or automated testing. The modular design of T-Drive allows easy insertion of new cards to test future video interfaces. Integrated power supplies for panel and backlighting makes the T-Drive a comprehensive solution for flat panel testing.