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Vencore Labs delivers transformative results for Research, Engineering, and Technology Products. We are more than a research lab serving many markets including Telecommunications, Energy,  Financial, Life Sciences, Government and Defense.

Information Analytics

Extracting Value From Complex Data

Information Analytics

The generation, accumulation and storage of data is occurring globally on a massive scale. Adeptly managing, mining, and extracting useful information in such a data-saturated environment has become critical in commercial, government and defense sectors.

Essential capabilities for achieving those goals include scalable tools that validate, reconcile and store the data; ingenious algorithms that uncover patterns and trends; and end-to-end systems that extract key information.

Vencore Labs researchers are working on precisely these aspects of information analytics, particularly in these areas:

  • Mathematical Techniques:  Creation of a new suite of fast algorithms that automatically represent high and/or multi-dimensional data using its inherent low dimensionality.
  • System for Extracting Actionable Intelligence:  Building an end-to-end system that enables analysts to draw actionable intelligence from large, unknown and disparate sources of information.
  • Tool for Data Exploration and Transformation:  Development of Arroyo, our forensic data analysis and transformation tool.   



Extracting high value information.

Extracting high value information.