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Smart Grid Case Study

Smart Grid

Security for increasingly sophisticated utility networks

The recent deployment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA) networks has created large, increasingly integrated and complex utility networks with millions of active endpoints. Utilities need a means to effectively monitor and detect security anomalies and intrusion in their smart grid networks.

A large energy utility in the early stages of a major smart meter deployment needed to assess the security of its AMI. Specifically, the field area network infrastructure, which consisted of dual band wireless access nodes, relays and embedded smart meter hardware, posed a new set of security challenges. It used a proprietary, wireless mesh networking technology and there was no traditional means to access, monitor or interface with the network.

Agile sensor-based security monitoring

The utility turned to Vencore Labs to research and develop a novel sensor-based security monitoring solution that uses first-of-its-kind technology. The multi-disciplinary team of veteran security and wireless network experts approached this challenge directly and comprehensively by validating the security controls and identifying potential vulnerabilities through the innovation of new test methods, test equipment and custom-developed software and hardware tools. In the end, Vencore Labs bundled the technology, infrastructure, applications and cyber threat analysis services into SecureSmart, an integrated cybersecurity, operations and engineering solution for AMI, Distribution Automation (DA) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Security. Efficiency. Reliability. 

Currently in use, SecureSmart is integral to the utility’s processes and operations to support their Smart Grid. SecureSmart™ delivers security compliance faster and is less costly than a dedicated Smart Grid cyber security operation center. The utility has dramatically improved its situational awareness with around the clock monitoring for network anomalies and intrusion detection, daily operations and cyber threat analysis and anomaly investigation services. This support enabled the utility to design and deploy new network technologies, optimize its operations, and properly secure them —leading to a more secure, efficient, and reliable utility network.


Ground-breaking sensor technology for utility operations and cybersecurity monitoring

  • 24x7 sensor-based smart grid AMI and SCADA monitoring

  • Deep packet inspection

  • Cybersecurity monitoring with cyber threat analysis and intrusion detection

  • Faster and less costly than dedicated security operation center

  • Secure. Efficient. Reliable.