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Vencore Labs delivers transformative results for Research, Engineering, and Technology Products. We are more than a research lab serving many markets including Telecommunications, Energy,  Financial, Life Sciences, Government and Defense.

SecureSmart: Wireless network intrusion detection system

SecureSmart™ from Vencore Labs is an integrated cybersecurity, operations and engineering solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and provides comprehensive Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) for utilities.


wireless network intrusion detection system that provides real-time network health, anomaly detection, threat analysis and visualization.

The SecureSmart Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS)  offering answers the electric utility industry’s call for greater situational awareness and visibility into Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA) networks. SecureSmart brings to market first-of-its-kind technology and innovations developed by Vencore Labs that enable utilities to detect early signs of anomalous behavior and cyberattacks on wireless AMI/DA networks and help validate controls. For SCADA networks, SecureSmart provides early warning of anomalous SCADA communication behaviors, defense-in-depth real-time SCADA protection and support for addressing NERC CIP compliance.

Combined with comprehensive investigation by Vencore Labs’ industry-proven operations and cyber threat analysis team, utilities throughout the U.S. are using SecureSmart to achieve greater visibility into these critical networks and provide security, operations and engineering staff and field technicians with actionable intelligence and continuous feedback. This intelligence will help utility personnel make smarter, more informed decisions to improve proactive protection and real-time response to threats.

SecureSmart: Continuous monitoring for SCADA networks


SecureSmart: Continuous monitoring for smart meter networks